Continuum: New & Selected Poems

by Mari Evans

The distinguished poet Mari Evans writes unabashedly for and about African Americans, yet in this collection, readers from all backgrounds can find profound insight into the human experience. Written without the flourish of fancy language, the poems are full of Evans's brilliance, humor, and musical expression. Included are signature poems such as "I am a Black Woman" as well as new works that paint an intimate portrait of contemporary African American life. First released in 2007, this is a new, revised edition with several new poems added.


"Like any good people's poet, Mari Evans is a sharp observer and an honest person. She sees all the people, all the time. Fortunately for us she does not tell everything she knows. Just as fortunate for us, she is careful that all she does tell is the truth. The whole truth, the poetic truth, The truth for, about, and to the people." Maya Angelou



Mari Evans was an award-winning poet and writer, including three vol­umes of poetry, a collection of essays, theater pieces, and a musical. She also authored six children's books Her work has been included in more than 400 anthologies and textbooks, including translations. A leading contributor to the Black Arts Movement, she has lectured and read at colleges and universities throughout the United States.


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