I Love to...Friends I Love to Keep

written by Wade Hudson

illustrated by Laura Freeman

In this engaging, multicultural series, see, feel and explore the world Illustrated by Laura Freeman of irresistible youngsters from different cultural backgrounds as they share people, places and things that are important to them.  Friends can be our next door neighbors, classmates, or someone new in the community. They can be introduced to us through books, social gatherings or by other friends. A friend is a person whose company we enjoy. Read along and recognize Friends I Love to Keep!


Reading Level: Ages 3-7; Paperback: 24 Pages


Published by Marimba Books



 Friends I Love to Keep, by Wade Hudson and also illustrated by Freeman, publishes simultaneously and depicts an energetic black girl in a comfortable, middle-class setting with a multiracial group of friends.

A bright and bubbly outing with an infectiously cheerful protagonist. Kirkus Reviews


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