Marvelous Martin: The Case Of The Freckled Faced Bullyj

Written By Vincent Alexandria

Marvelous Martin Mitchell is a ten-year-old neighborhood private investigator. If something is lost or stolen, if a bully is taking advantage of someone, Marvelous Martin is on the case. He is good at solving mysteries, including everything from stolen lunches to missing pets. He usually gets paid for his detective work, too. No one likes a bully, and Martin and his friends are no different. When mean Mark Beeks, the school bully, steals little Freddie Freeman's bike, it is the last straw. Martin and his crew decide to put an end to Mark's bullying days once and for all in this first installment of the Marvelous Martin series.

Reading Level: Ages 9-12; Paperback: 64 Pages 


Marvelous Martin is a smart, discerning child. He solves mysteries based on his thinking skills. When his neighbor cannot find her cat, Martin remembers that she never lets him out alone, and after speaking with her, he realizes that the cat is in the laundry room. His earns him the description marvelous. One of Martin s friends whose bike was stolen by the scary class bully comes for help. Martin not only helps Freddie find his bike, but he also befriends the bully as well. This refreshing book would be enjoyed by many elementary children. The tale will help readers realize that situations can be solved without violence. The book also shows the reader that there are many reasons people act the way they do. Martin is able to understand that Mark, the bully, had reasons for acting the way he chose to act. Instead of accepting Mark s behavior as face value, Martin researched Mark s circumstances. After doing so, Martin learned that Mark is lonely and sad as a result of his parents death. This positive ending to the story provides a great lesson for all middle elementary grade readers. Multicultural Review

Published by Marimba Books

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