Tamika And The Wisdom Rings

Written By Camille Yarbrough

Tamika is a member of a special club: the Sweet Fruit of the African Family Tree Club. She loves being a Sweet Fruit. Tamika also loves to wonder. But sometimes wondering gets Tamika into trouble, especially when she doesn't think before she acts. So Mama and Daddy share words of wisdom with Tamika. Love yourself. Carry yourself with dignity. Use your mind freely, but always think before you act. And they give her sparkling, colorful rings, so whenever Tamika starts wondering, she can look at the rings and remember. But lately Tamika and her family’s safety has been in danger. Then eight year old Tamika suffers the biggest tragedy of her life. Will the wisdom rings keep her strong and help her do the right thing?

Reading Level: Ages 7-10: Paperback:71 Pages


Eight-year-old Tamika, her older sister, and their parents live in an inner-city apartment building where her father is the super. Although gangs and drugs are constant threats, Tamika works hard to keep her mind and body safe and strong. After Daddy is murdered by drug dealers (who threaten the rest of the family), the three are forced to move to another, much smaller apartment. That Tamika and her family are able to survive these terrible changes and move forward in their lives is a tribute to their inner strength. Although more serious in tone than most of the First Stepping Stone books, Yarbrough's presentation is clearly written and age appropriate. Large print, short chapters, and frequent illustrations will make this easily accessible to first chapter-book readers. Booklist 

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