Bright Eyes, Brown

Written By Cheryl Willis Hudson & Bernette Ford

Illustrated B George Ford

Olivia, Jordan, Alexa and Ethan feel good about who they are and how they look. As these bright and spirited children enjoy the activities of a typical day at school, readers will see that these children are happy and confident. This classic title is a staple in preschool and early childhood programs..

Reading Level: Ages 3-7; Paperback: 32 Pages


Kindergarten-Grade 1-- A poem extolling the beauty of African-American children forms the basis for celebration of a positive self-image. Four attractive children engage in typical kindergarten pastimes as the rhyming text rhapsodizes about their dimpled chins, "teeth that glisten," and "very special hair and clothes." Whereas building self-esteem and acknowledging children's charms are commendable goals, they are not enough to build a book upon. Yes, these boys and girls are appealing, but they are so unusually cooperative and cheerful, smiling nonstop throughout the pages of this slim volume, that real live children, with all of the emotions and moods that are a part of being human, may have difficulty relating to them. School Library Journal

"...strong, color paintings perfectly paced, rhyming phrases...brilliantly combines understatement and directness, giving a celebratory tone...and child-centered focus." Booklist


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